Reduction is hard for us to grasp. It’s not easy and it certainly doesn’t mean less work. It forces us to think critically & put ourselves in customer’s shoes. Reduction is powerful.

11/14/2012 -- 2 minutes

A Non-Designer’s View of iOS7

I make no apologies for being a fan of Apple and the prospect of a new look and feel of the famed OS was, well, awesome. When the Jony Ive video started playing showing the new look of iOS I got butterflies and couldn’t wait to see what his team whipped up.

And then…

06/11/2012 -- 3 minutes

Skeuomorphic Design: A Tale of Two Apps

The phrase skeuomorphic design is a term that you may not know but have likely used an application that abides by the philosophy. Essentially skeuomorphic design (in an application sense) leans on real-world objects or interactions as design inspiration. Apps embracing this philosophy benefit from being instantly recognizable by a majority of users and typically […]

03/26/2012 -- 2 minutes


When you redesign a website why does “About Company X” make it into the main navigation? Having information about the company, careers, philosophy is great and should be present, but if your goal is for your prospects to complete an action, why delay this with a main nav item for them to click or not […]

10/24/2011 -- 1 minute

Living Responsively

Responsive web layouts are becoming more and more popular with the rise of the machines (don’t worry, i’m not talking about Arnold). The machine i’m referring to are the smartphones that 35% of the United States know and love. That may seem like a small number, but that estimates 112 million people over the age […]

09/07/2011 -- 2 minutes

Why You Need To Tweak Your 404 Page

Tweaking your 404 error page is a simple thing you can do to keep people engaged in your site. By default, your 404 error page looks rather boring and in no way meshes with the rest of your site. The stock 404 pages also fail to help your visitor get back on the right track […]

12/15/2010 -- 2 minutes

New Arnold & Associates Website Launches

I pushed up the new website last week. The new site departs from the Joomla! CMS and is straigh HTML and CSS with a little jquery thrown in the mix. It’s simple and easy to navigate for both spiders and humans. I’ve also created a wordpress template and welded it into the blog page. […]

12/07/2010 -- 1 minute

8 Bit Twit

When I was building my 404 page, I was struck by the nostalgic look of great 8-bit games from my childhood. So, I fired up illustrator and made a vector 8-bit twitter file for others to use. You can see a small version on my twitter feed at right.

12/04/2010 -- 1 minute