Introducing the New

In mid-August the team at Bullhorn reached out to rebuild their website. Their website was built on Drupal, had multiple language sites and consisted of nearly 130 core pages excluding blog posts. Oh, and the timeline was about 6 weeks!

11/07/2014 -- 1 minute

Building A Website for B2B Buyers

When you strike out on a web design project it’s easy to get buried. New jQuery plugins, CSS3 animations, icon font libraries are all begging to be put to use. On top of that you have UX to consider and information architecture to map.

Web design or re-design projects are perfect opportunities to optimize your visitor’s experience. But all too often a new design is dropped on top of existing architecture and doesn’t address what buyers look for in B2B websites.

03/19/2014 -- 4 minutes

14 Web Design & Development Tools for 2014

Designers and developers of websites have a treasure trove of tools to pick from. With the web moving at a breakneck pace (responsive design, CSS pre-processors, post-processors and more) it can be a challenge to keep up with what’s new and useful.

02/21/2014 -- 4 minutes A Simple (Free) Teleprompter Online

A few weeks ago while thinking about the weekend, I had the urge to find an online teleprompter. Why? Well, I had been putting together short scripts for videos and presentations and it was time to start recording. After doing a quick search and being underwhelmed, I began thinking about what I’d want and need in an online teleprompter.

02/18/2014 -- 2 minutes
teleprompter online

Keeping It Focused

Emails should be focused on a desired outcome vs cluttered with things that will get in the way of a prospect’s decision.

10/31/2013 -- 1 minute

Why Websites Aren’t “Done”

Imagine you just finished building a house. The walls have been painted, the cabinets carefully hung and stainless steel appliances installed. Now imagine after you tighten the last screw, hammer the last nail and lay the last piece of tile, someone walks in and says ‘now we need to redo the floorplan or change the […]

03/26/2013 -- 2 minutes

Wireframe Sketches

Sometimes picking up a pencil and a notepad are all you really need when laying out a new design. Check out these wireframe sketches posted on today.

01/29/2013 -- 1 minute

How Little Has Changed

My friend Jason shared an interesting slide deck that runs through the past 15 years of What I find interesting is just how little the site has changed over time. Big images, short, poppy text and a few points of departure and that’s it. Simple & clean. original post

01/25/2013 -- 1 minute

Inspiration for the Site

This single piece of 1950s memorabilia inspired the entire look of this site. I found it while looking for 1950s aerospace and atomic images and was struck by the secretive and diverse type and layout this single cover had. It was for Operation Teapot, a series of test that the government performed in 1955 to […]

01/22/2013 -- 1 minute

Do We Need a Director of Simplicity?

Simple is one of the hardest concepts for companies to master. With more products, features and messages than ever, it’s in a brands best interest to be simple. So who owns simple in a business?

11/29/2012 -- 2 minutes