4 Performance Based Marketing Do’s & Don’ts

Do – Set Goals This may seem basic but it’s difficult to measure performance if there isn’t a defined goal or goals. Once you’ve set your goal you can then determine how to measure your performance against it. Don’t – Start down a path w/o a clear end If you never know what the finish […]

02/07/2012 -- 2 minutes

Older And Wiser

You need to get your hands dirty to learn. You can’t learn unless you devote your time.

01/16/2012 -- 2 minutes

5 Traits Of Agile Marketers

I know that half of my marketing is working, I just don’t know which half. – Anonymous Marketing has evolved a bit in the past 10 or so years. Gone are the days of door-to-door advertisements, skywriting or inflatable purple gorillas. In today’s world budgets are crunched, messages are abundant and delivery methods diverse so […]

09/17/2011 -- 3 minutes

Ad Men vs Marketing Men

I’ve always made the distinction, correct or not, that advertising agencies are not marketing agencies. Ad agencies focus on one portion of the pie, being the portion devoted to creating creative for use in a sales promotion, brand awareness or display exercise. You could argue that marketing shops (internal and external) hire these agencies and […]

09/12/2011 -- 2 minutes

Living Responsively

Responsive web layouts are becoming more and more popular with the rise of the machines (don’t worry, i’m not talking about Arnold). The machine i’m referring to are the smartphones that 35% of the United States know and love. That may seem like a small number, but that estimates 112 million people over the age […]

09/07/2011 -- 2 minutes

Separation of Concerns

For those of you in tech marketing this phrase “separation of concerns” may mean something. What it means is for each feature built into a product a separation should exist in the event of failure. In other words you don’t want one feature ruining the user experience of an entire app or another feature b/c […]

07/19/2011 -- 2 minutes

Shut Up And Work

Sometimes you just need to shut the hell up or at least the people in your office do. Succumbing to office chat is a great way to blow a day doing nothing then getting home and firing up the Macbook b/c you were unable to do so at work. The problem isn’t your co-workers, it’s […]

06/10/2011 -- 2 minutes

Feeling the Hurt

The team at my current company has been going through changes lately. My team of 3.5 was wittled down to 1.5 with the .5 soon leaving due to spouse relocation. Rather than flipping out and immediately replacing payroll I jumped in and took on a little bit more so I could ‘feel the hurt’. Assessing […]

04/27/2011 -- 1 minute

The Stock Businessman

The stock businessman needs to change. How about you find a customer or use someone internally vs. grabbing the person that every. single. company is using across the internet.

03/18/2011 -- 2 minutes
stock businessman photo 2011


Touchpoints are chances to increase your brand’s awareness in your marketplace. There are a lot of ’em and making sure you’re covering your bases is good for overall brand exposure. Remember, your role as a marketing joe is to make sure your touchpoints are in line with brand/company/product promise. It’s your job to help other […]

03/02/2011 -- 1 minute