What I’ve Been Working On

I haven’t written anything on here since December. Not that I was the most consistent writer, but I at least tried to get something pulled out of my head once a month or more.

Truth is I’ve been busy.

I started my own company in November and have been heads down nearly everyday since. I’m happy to share Harbinger Labs with all of you.

02/04/2013 -- 2 minutes

Introducing Harbinger Labs

Friends, Today I’m happy to announce the launch of Harbinger Labs, a small marketing shop I’ve started in St. Louis. It’s been an exciting process and I’m happy to finally share it with you. Software, primarily SaaS, is a space myself and others who work with Harbinger Labs know well and is the focus of […]

01/28/2013 -- 4 minutes

Fragmented Sales and Marketing Sucks

Marketing is more to sales than just pretty banners and graphics, sales is more to marketing than whiny complainers.

They are brothers or sisters and must exist in harmony to get things done. Historically, however, sales and marketing teams either: a) don’t talk, or b) hate each other, but don’t know why.

12/13/2012 -- 2 minutes


Reduction is hard for us to grasp. It’s not easy and it certainly doesn’t mean less work. It forces us to think critically & put ourselves in customer’s shoes. Reduction is powerful.

11/14/2012 -- 2 minutes

Marketing People vs. Normal People

An infographic on Fast Co. Design has been generating a bit of buzz from us “marketing types”. Basically it confirms what we already know: we’re a psychotic, tweet-makin, beer swillin’ bunch that likes to keep things interesting. The infographic speaks for itself, “marketing people vs. normal people”, enjoy.

05/17/2012 -- 1 minute

Make Art Not Paintings

I had the privilege to attend a Seth Godin talk at the COCAbiz Spark conference last night. He said something that stuck with me enough to jot it down and put some thought to it. “Make art, not paintings” was an example he gave when talking about innovative ideas as compared to copycats. His example […]

05/11/2012 -- 2 minutes

Assessing Talent

I put a lot of emphasis on what people can actually do rather than a paper, faceless, nameless resume. Blame it on being from Missouri, but “Show Me” is something that I take to heart. Of course there are numerous blogs and guides to help you hire, but I like to think that you can […]

03/07/2012 -- 3 minutes