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Introducing Harbinger Labs

Friends, Today I’m happy to announce the launch of Harbinger Labs, a small marketing shop I’ve started in St. Louis. It’s been an exciting process and I’m happy to finally share it with you. Software, primarily SaaS, is a space myself and others who work with Harbinger Labs know well and is the focus of […]

January 28, 2013 -- 4 minutes to read

How Little Apple.com Has Changed

My friend Jason shared an interesting slide deck that runs through the past 15 years of apple.com. What I find interesting is just how little the site has changed over time. Big images, short, poppy text and a few points of departure and that’s it. Simple & clean. original post

January 25, 2013 -- 1 minute to read
Content Marketing

Wistia’s Content Marketing Play

Wistia, a video hosting service for business, has just launched their Wistia Learning site. It’s a great example of knowing their target buyer and creating the content that speaks to that audience. Their topics and use of the medium they host is a great example of content marketing.

January 24, 2013 -- 1 minute to read

Inspiration for the Site

This single piece of 1950s memorabilia inspired the entire look of this site. I found it while looking for 1950s aerospace and atomic images and was struck by the secretive and diverse type and layout this single cover had. It was for Operation Teapot, a series of test that the government performed in 1955 to […]

January 22, 2013 -- 1 minute to read

Fragmented Sales and Marketing Sucks

Marketing is more to sales than just pretty banners and graphics, sales is more to marketing than whiny complainers.

They are brothers or sisters and must exist in harmony to get things done. Historically, however, sales and marketing teams either: a) don’t talk, or b) hate each other, but don’t know why.

December 13, 2012 -- 2 minutes to read

Do We Need a Director of Simplicity?

Simple is one of the hardest concepts for companies to master. With more products, features and messages than ever, it’s in a brands best interest to be simple. So who owns simple in a business?

Originally written on November 29, 2012 -- 2 minutes to read


Reduction is hard for us to grasp. It’s not easy and it certainly doesn’t mean less work. It forces us to think critically & put ourselves in customer’s shoes. Reduction is powerful.

Originally written on November 14, 2012 -- 2 minutes to read

Headphones Are the Private Office

A few years ago I shared how my team had switched to an open layout and that headphones had become our new ‘walls’. Well, it seems that the trend, now common in startup/tech companies, has become a polarizing topic for some. Anne Kreamer, author of the book It’s Always Personal: Emotions in the New Workplace, […]

Originally written on October 31, 2012 -- 2 minutes to read