Headphones Are the Private Office

A few years ago I shared how my team had switched to an open layout and that headphones had become our new ‘walls’. Well, it seems that the trend, now common in startup/tech companies, has become a polarizing topic for some. Anne Kreamer, author of the book It’s Always Personal: Emotions in the New Workplace, […]

10/31/2012 -- 2 minutes

Shut Up And Work

Sometimes you just need to shut the hell up or at least the people in your office do. Succumbing to office chat is a great way to blow a day doing nothing then getting home and firing up the Macbook b/c you were unable to do so at work. The problem isn’t your co-workers, it’s […]

06/10/2011 -- 2 minutes

Are Headphones The New Cubicle Walls?

I am for an open layout in an office. We (the marketing team) will be moving to an open layout soon so we can remove cubicle walls and office doors that are more nuisance than anything. However, there is a privacy element that is lost, so for that I bought the team headphones to let […]

12/29/2010 -- 1 minute