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Agile Marketing Chat w/ Marti Konstant

Today I had the pleasure to meet and be interviewed by Marti Konstant (@martikonstant) for her agile marketing video series. It was a lot of fun and Marti did a fantastic job with the interview. We all get our 15 minutes, right?

08/03/2012 -- 1 minute

More Agile Marketing Thoughts

One thing that I like about applying an agile methodology to marketing is the output you can produce with a small team. We have a team of three including myself and we’re able to produce any and all materials for our external (prospect) market and internal (client) market. I’ve outlined how we work before; we […]

02/01/2011 -- 2 minutes

Agile Marketing Thoughts

There has been a lot of discussion recently regarding agile marketing. Basically you apply the concepts that have traditionally been for development to your projects and tasks. Rapid prototyping, testing and usage takes precedent over stale processes, spray & pray and stiff design. As an internal marketing department I can say that we have inherently […]

12/20/2010 -- 1 minute

Breaking Up Into Pieces

With our new plan for 2011 we are really focusing on breaking up working into small, digestible chunks. Ideally we’ll complete quick “sprints” of work in two week blocks. Marketing depts. have the problem of running projects long, so I’m hoping this historically development approach can reap dividends for us. We have mapped out 3 […]

11/18/2010 -- 1 minute