Cool Things

Get Out of the Office: Co-working

Co-working, if you’re unfamiliar, is essentially working in an open, shared environment with others. It’s very popular with freelancers, work-at-home types (ahem) and travelers who get bored with Starbucks or being in isolation. Essentially it’s a primordial soup of creativity and talent. I dropped into SCR/B in Boulder, CO last week for a few hours […]

03/11/2013 -- 1 minute

Making New

Rebuilding is a good thing. When you can tear down what you’ve previously created and produce something new, you’re flexing your brain and starting from scratch. Think about kids; they build massive lego or wooden block structures only to destroy them and start over. It’s a bit liberating to take something that you were happy […]

02/14/2011 -- 1 minute

Change Your Underwear

You change your underwear right? So why do smelly, unkept processes in your department go unchanged? I think the answer lies in our inherit fear of changing what has worked (or seemingly worked) in lieu of a new process, technique, employee or methodology. The fear of disrupting a current situation is what prevents many people […]

01/03/2011 -- 1 minute

Are Headphones The New Cubicle Walls?

I am for an open layout in an office. We (the marketing team) will be moving to an open layout soon so we can remove cubicle walls and office doors that are more nuisance than anything. However, there is a privacy element that is lost, so for that I bought the team headphones to let […]

12/29/2010 -- 1 minute

No It’s Not A Giant Pushpin, It’s DARPA

The Defense Department’s Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), is going social or experimenting social rather.  This past weekend the agency that brought us stealth technology and anti-submarine technology launched an experiment called “The Grand Challenge“.  From 10am to 4pm DARPA launched giant, 8 foot circumference balloons tethered to long ropes and visible from major roads. […]

12/12/2009 -- 1 minute