integrated marketing

How We Do Projects

Our project creation/management methods were in need of an overhaul recently so the whiteboard was cleaned off and a map began to emerge. For me, I like to keep the project scope short and simple with tasks beneath for completion by the team. Naming conventions can get carried away sometimes, so for us we stuck […]

11/17/2010 -- 2 minutes

Splice: Merging Sales And Marketing

Sales and marketing types basically fall into two types; Those who can work together and those who can’t.  These two step-brothers can cause great pain for one another or work together smoothly if you build your team right.  At its core marketing exists to drive sales leads of one type or another to the sales […]

06/03/2010 -- 2 minutes

Why Apple Keeps Getting It Right

It’s no surprise or a secret that Apple generates buzz around their products that is unparalleled.  As a long-time Apple fan and user I always look forward to the next batch of goodies and the next “big thing”.  What Apple does is make us (the consumer) want to know more and actively seek information that […]

04/21/2010 -- 2 minutes