Sound Deadening 5th Gen 4Runner

Took some time to silence my 4Runner. Here is guide to that process.

Sound Deadening 5th Gen 4Runner Written on December 3, 2017 and it will take about 2 minutes to read

Finally started tackling the road noise in my 2012. I started with the front doors and will add pictures as I go through the process for anyone who’s interested.

I went with the Noico 50mil and 80mil deadener

Also, harper7 has a good amount of pics showing the cargo area – I have the slide out tray, so may show that removal process.

There are 3 screws you’ll need to remove on the panels. Once they’re out, you can work the snap clips out pretty easily. You’ll also need to unhook the top window/lock control, door pull cables (2) and the bottom kick light.

The naked door

I removed the plastic sheet since I was covering with Noico.

Removed the styrofoam factory deadener

There is plenty of room in the door to work, so you can go crazy and get really good coverage.

Next, I started covering the flat spots on the inner skin.

Finally, the inside of the door panel was done. I wasn’t too concerned here and used remnants wherever there were big flat spots.

I also made a short video with the non-deadened passenger side and deadened driver side. It may not be audible, but the difference IRL is pretty awesome. Nice solid feel and no tinny sound.

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