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Casting A Wide Net: Herefish

We’ve started a new thing and it’s going to be big.

herefish Casting A Wide Net: Herefish Originally written on March 10, 2015 and it will take about 3 minutes to read

In September of 2014 I participated on a startup marketing panel with a couple of really smart marketers.

The conversation ranged from ‘how do we do this marketing thing?’ to ‘what’s next with marketing?’. As the founder of a marketing agency that solely works with B2B software companies, the last question struck a chord.

See, I’ve kept a finger on the software world for as long as I can remember and two fingers on the marketing software world for some time. One thing I’ve noticed is the shift from big, all encompassing platforms, to segmented solutions that fit specific needs.

Look at marketing automation; big players like Pardot, Hubspot & Marketo are great tools that can be fit into any B2B marketing scenario. The problem is, fitting it into your scenario is tedious and requires training and pretty deep marketing know-how (something all the above companies help people learn).

My point is this – it’s OK for companies with the manpower and know-how to go down the full platform path. But for companies that can’t, finding solutions tailored for their industry is appealing. My prediction at the startup seminar was specialized software, especially marketing automation, will start cropping up and help companies that can’t build the infrastructure get started.

It’s this thinking that led to Herefish, a candidate engagement platform I co-founded with fellow Sendouts alum Jason Heilman.

Herefish solves the age-old problem recruiting companies and HR departments have when it comes to keeping their pool of candidates engaged. Here’s a typical scenario – company spends time, money and effort sourcing 100 candidates for a position. They may email all 100, then get to a handful of calls which results in 10 people who agree to a conversation. Out of that 10, say 2 go in for a final interview with a hiring manager and maybe 1 gets hired.

But what about the 90 that didn’t respond? Was it because they were bad candidates? Not likely, remember, they were sourced from all over because they fit certain criteria. The reason they didn’t respond is because they haven’t been nurtured (no, sending a job post email blast isn’t nurturing) and don’t really ‘know’ the company with the job opening. Just think, 80-90% of a recruiting or HR orgs database is full of neglected candidates that could be the perfect, homegrown talent pool.

Herefish solves the age-old problem recruiting companies and HR departments have when it comes to keeping their pool of candidates engaged.

Just like marketing automation captures leads and nurtures them til they ready to buy, Herefish nurtures candidates on behalf of a company so the next time a role opens (and it will open) they recruiting company can simply dip into a warm pool of candidate gold.

To learn more about Herefish and to learn about candidate nurturing, visit

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