Video A Simple (Free) Teleprompter Online

A few weeks ago while thinking about the weekend, I had the urge to find an online teleprompter. Why? Well, I had been putting together short scripts for videos and presentations and it was time to start recording. After doing a quick search and being underwhelmed, I began thinking about what I’d want and need in an online teleprompter.

02/18/2014 -- 2 minutes
teleprompter online

Embed Vine Video

Embedding Vine video isn’t hard, it’s just not straightforward. Below is a simple way to embed and share your video for all to see. Updated in 2014.

02/04/2013 -- 2 minutes

Wistia’s Content Marketing Play

Wistia, a video hosting service for business, has just launched their Wistia Learning site. It’s a great example of knowing their target buyer and creating the content that speaks to that audience. Their topics and use of the medium they host is a great example of content marketing.

01/24/2013 -- 1 minute