The Old Days

Marketing is a challenging, intense and always sometimes stressful position, but can be the most rewarding role in a company.

For years marketing departments worked one way;

  • Create a 1 year marketing plan
  • Plan the work for 1 year
  • Start working the plan without looking at the world around you…or your buyers
  • Wash, rinse, repeat

The problem is, these marketing teams would plan a boatload of work and never consider the changes to the landscape or the buyers they served. Traditional methods would continue to be used, even if they didn’t work!

It’s not entirely the marketer’s fault, they were after all doing what they’d always done: following the marketing 101 methods & presenting to leadership who followed the marketing 101 methods.

Enter Agile Marketing

Agile isn’t new, but applying it to the marketing process is. Essentially, it’s a way to quickly deliver relevant marketing programs to buyers by working with self-starting teams with a firm foundation of data, whew. For a deeper explanation of this head on over the Agile Marketing Manifesto site.

For me, agile marketing has helped build stronger marketing programs that speak directly to customer problems. I’m lucky enough to have met and worked with top minds and leaders in the agile marketing world and have been part of the movement for some time. Last fall I had the opportunity to help with SprintZero, the first meeting of agile marketing practitioners. At SprintZero, the group aimed to create the values that would serve as a guide for all who are interested.

These values are:

  • Validated learning over opinions and conventions
  • Customer focused collaboration over silos and hierarchy
  • Adaptive and iterative campaigns over Big-Bang campaigns
  • The process of customer discovery over static prediction
  • Flexible vs. rigid planning
  • Responding to change over following a plan
  • Many small experiments over a few large bets

As the agile marketing universe grows, so will the resources available for those interested. This page is meant to serve as a springboard to those who want to wander down the rabbit hole of agile marketing and transform their marketing departments. To learn more about agile marketing, please visit or feel free to drop me a line at my contact page

– Travis