Your Visitors Are People Too

writingWhen I first started writing for my former company’s website I would spend hours crafting business (or what I thought) language that would speak directly to an owner (we sold B2B).  I pictured in my head that said owner would read the words on the page, find the nearest CTA, hit submit and become a converted lead…ha.

In a recent post on MarketingProfs, the author has some great suggestions for writing new content for your site.  There is a contrary comment to the article, but in my experience the author really hits it on the head.  If you look at your web analytics, you’ll probably notice an average time per page in the 45 second to 1 minute range.  Now, read the content you have on the page.  Took a little more than 45 seconds huh?  You see, visitors to your site are no different than you and I.  They want information that was relevant to their search or that backs up the ad they clicked to reach your site, end of story.  By making information on your site both relevant and digestible, you will be doing your visitors a favor and likely improve your conversions.

Herefish Colophon