Why Dropbox Is Great

If you haven’t yet started storing or at least backing up your core files in the “cloud” then you should.  Putting your most important files in online repositories makes them instantly accessible regardless of your lat/long or computer.  A service I’ve been using for about a year named Dropbox does just that – keeps your most important files constantly backed up online making it easy to restore or share from anywhere.  For example, when I work on  a project with large files, pictures or other media I create a shared folder with the client, giving us both access to the files and keeping them safe and secure.  Also, I use Dropbox to store personal files too such as photos, videos and documents.  Another great feature is the ability to make files public – extremely handy when sharing files too large to email.  All in all a great tool and something I recommend highly, check out the short demo vid below:

Herefish Colophon