What Google’s New Tweaks Mean For You…The User

Today, search engine giant turned free app giant googleannounced tweaks and a few new features to its impressive set of toys.  A big part of Google’s latest releases is us, the end user.  Google does a pretty good job of gathering, analyzing and acting on feedback (look at the recent changes to Google apps and how they made decisions) and then deploying them to the masses.

The first of these changes is what Google dubs “latest”, a super-fast real-time search feature that posts new published content in seconds.  A big part of this new feature is the addition of Twitter posts to the search results.  Twitters user base has been credited for making hyper-local news viral and spreading it quickly.

Another particularly stunning feature is Google Goggles.  The new Goggles image search will allow a user to snap a picture of an object and then return any and all information they have stored on their servers.  This is a definite step in the right direction, especially with augmented reality apps and technology gaining speed.

Google also announced a couple enhancements to its mobile offerings.  First, they have made their Google Mobile app more local by deciphering where exactly you are and then giving you super local results based on your keywords.  This isn’t a giant leap, but it will give end users results that are more relevant and based on exactly where they are rather than just a general area.  The second feature Google demoed, but didn’t release is Translation for mobile.  The application will eventually allow an end user to speak into the phone and then replay it back to them in the desired language.  The potential for this is huge especially in a global cell phone market.

While Google didn’t unveil anything overly mind blowing, they did let it be known that we, the google apps users of the world, are being listened to and their commitment to giving us things we want to keep our busy lives connected is paramount.

Herefish Colophon