What I’ve Been Working On

I haven’t written anything on here since December. Not that I was the most consistent writer, but I at least tried to get something pulled out of my head once a month or more.

Truth is I’ve been busy.

I started my own company in November and have been heads down nearly everyday since. I’m happy to share Harbinger Labs with all of you.

Harbinger Labs is a small marketing shop focused for software companies. Rather than be a marketing agency for every kind of company, I wanted to focus on a space I’ve been involved in for the past 6 years. SaaS companies have similar problems on the marketing side, problems I’ve personally worked through and been exposed to and helped solve. Problems are just opportunities – @jonathanherrick

Rather than repeat myself and risk a duplicate content issue with Google, I’ll point you to harbingerlabs.com/introducing-harbinger-labs/ where you can learn about the origin, the meaning and how to contact.

What does this mean for travisarnold.com? I’m not sure exactly. Most of my time and thoughts will be focused on Harbinger Labs and creating content peers in SaaS companies will find useful. My initial thoughts are that a restructuring of the site will occur, but I’ve not had the time to consider what I’d restructure to. Rest assured, I’ll find something to do with the site.

Thank you all.


Herefish Colophon