Shut Up And Work

Sometimes you just need to shut the hell up or at least the people in your office do. Succumbing to office chat is a great way to blow a day doing nothing then getting home and firing up the Macbook b/c you were unable to do so at work. The problem isn’t your co-workers, it’s you. You let it happen and jump right in the conversation. Maybe it’s because you’re bored or don’t have enough work (there’s that word again) to do, whatever the case it’s not helping you be productive. I’m not saying seclude yourself in your cube/office/closet and knock out anyone whose lips start to part. I’m saying set your work time and get in that zone. Every person who is or has been on my team gets a shiny new set of Skull Candy’s (shameless plug that I don’t get paid for…I swear) to throw on and get down to business. If you’re anti headphone then try earmuffs or a fishbowl. The point is you need to take yourself out of the office talk and chat, even if it’s your best buddy, and focus on what is at hand. You’ll notice your work will improve you’ll knock more out and get to listen to some great beats whilst doing so. Now shut the hell up and get away from me, I’ve got work to do.

Herefish Colophon