Separation of Concerns

For those of you in tech marketing this phrase “separation of concerns” may mean something. What it means is for each feature built into a product a separation should exist in the event of failure. In other words you don’t want one feature ruining the user experience of an entire app or another feature b/c it fails.

I’ve been thinking of this in regards to a company structure and have tried to make a parallel association. I looked at what would happen if one department simply went away and came to the realization that companies are organic, living beings. When one part goes away the rest feels the impact and more importantly the end-user feels the impact. For example, if one day the entire training staff didn’t show up and didn’t exist then customers wouldn’t be trained resulting in a catastrophe of sorts for the rest of the company. If this were a software application (built with separation of concerns in mind) then the end user would simply lose a portion of the experience of the app and in some cases they may not even know they’re missing. I’ve come to the realization that a company must intertwine in some aspects and everyone is important. It’d be nice if training could just go away and things continue unencumbered, but in reality if the trainer isn’t there then the customer doesn’t learn how to use the app and their experience is altered or tainted.

Herefish Colophon