Older And Wiser

We’re all stupid until we die, but we do become a bit wiser over time. When we’re kids we touch the stove, get burnt and don’t touch it again (at least not on purpose). As we grow, we learn in hopes of being better* at our jobs/activities/life/relationships etc… and eventually con ourselves into thinking there is nothing left to learn. There is always something to learn; something to augment our current knowledgebase, remember that.

I’ve been working a marketing desk of one kind or another for the past 6+ years and had been doing things on the side before that. I’ve attended seminars, read books, blogs and posts and try to engage with groups that have similar interests. The one thing I’ve always found is that you don’t know shit until you actually get your hands dirty and do it yourself. Things progress so much and so fast these days that feeding our brain and ultimately doing can be a challenge, but don’t let that stop or hinder you. Figure out what makes you tick and attack those things with passion. Sure, you’ll fail and get frustrated with things, but try to remember that you’re getting better, you’re learning and becoming more wise.

*Most of us hope to become better people. There are of course those that don’t, stay away from those people.

Herefish Colophon