Nurture Your Leads

Ah, the eternal question; Is it nature that makes one act as they do? or does nurture take a bigger role? Well in the case of slippery sales leads I would have to say nurturing and creating an engaging environment works best.

Leads, by nature tend to lose interest or fall-off. This usually isnt anything you did, its something you didnt do. Leads need love, coddling, nurturing if-you-will. Your leads need a little TLC after theyve come to your website and having the mechanism in place can help you convert. Marketing automation tools can really help your nurturing and segmentation process along. Leads can be scored and messages can be triggered based on said score. The best part about all of this is that once youve taken the time to get it set up, there is little more than refreshing your messaging every so often. My advice: get a giant whiteboard and map out your lead nurturing process. From here you can take it to your marketing automation tool and have a really kick ass leading coddling system.

Herefish Colophon