Feeling the Hurt

The team at my current company has been going through changes lately. My team of 3.5 was wittled down to 1.5 with the .5 soon leaving due to spouse relocation. Rather than flipping out and immediately replacing payroll I jumped in and took on a little bit more so I could ‘feel the hurt’. Assessing what you really need rather than trying to replace what you inherited assures you’re creating or filling the right roles. After planning out our upcoming marketing sprints it became obvious that content would be king. It was clear we needed a content writer but rather than just hiring someone with a loose job requirement I wanted to add these duties to my daily workflow to really understand what I needed. The real responsibilities quickly bubbled up and the hunt began (you can read the job description here). My point is this; jumping in and feeling the hurt better equips you to make the right hiring decision rather than just filling an empty chair. Just because you have or had a position doesn’t always mean that’s what you need.

Herefish Colophon