Cool Tool: Retargeting App

A few months ago I started a trial acct with a company called adroll. Adroll’s value proposition is you will be able to better target website visitors with relevant display ads (paraphrasing). This was intriguing so I started testing. First, I created 3 .png ad files for 3 different ad sizes. Next, I included the supplied tracking pixel in our includes footer file and was pretty much done. Next, I waited until we had 500 unique web impressions (that is what is needed for the ads to start running) and awaited data. For me, I find the value in the relevancy of the lead. I know 100% that the person who is tagged with the “retargeting campaign” has been to our site before and for whatever reason didn’t complete a desired action the first time. I’ve seen a very low CPO (cost per opportunity, the one that matters) and business has been closed thanks to retargeting. Overall I’m happy with the results and would recommend to marketers with good web traffic.

How Adroll Works

Herefish Colophon