Change Your Underwear

tighy whitiesYou change your underwear right? So why do smelly, unkept processes in your department go unchanged? I think the answer lies in our inherit fear of changing what has worked (or seemingly worked) in lieu of a new process, technique, employee or methodology. The fear of disrupting a current situation is what prevents many people in many departments from changing the way things are done. Also, the fear is that the new process, technique, employee etc… will fail and reflect upon him/her. The reality is “The picture of the devil is always worse than the devil himself”, meaning you can run the scenarios in your head over and over and grow into a terrible thing, when in reality it is just a picture that can easily be crumpled and thrown away. My point – don’t hesitate to change your underwear and try on something new; you may just like how it feels.

Herefish Colophon