Sound Deadening 5th Gen 4Runner

Finally started tackling the road noise in my 2012. I started with the front doors and will add pictures as I go through the process for anyone who’s interested. I went with the Noico 50mil and 80mil deadener Also, harper7 has a good amount of pics showing the cargo area – I have the slide […]

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What I’ve Been Working On

I haven’t written anything on here since December. Not that I was the most consistent writer, but I at least tried to get something pulled out of my head once a month or more.

Truth is I’ve been busy.

I started my own company in November and have been heads down nearly everyday since. I’m happy to share Harbinger Labs with all of you.

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Fragmented Sales and Marketing Sucks

Marketing is more to sales than just pretty banners and graphics, sales is more to marketing than whiny complainers.

They are brothers or sisters and must exist in harmony to get things done. Historically, however, sales and marketing teams either: a) don’t talk, or b) hate each other, but don’t know why.

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Reduction is hard for us to grasp. It’s not easy and it certainly doesn’t mean less work. It forces us to think critically & put ourselves in customer’s shoes. Reduction is powerful.

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Headphones Are the Private Office

A few years ago I shared how my team had switched to an open layout and that headphones had become our new ‘walls’. Well, it seems that the trend, now common in startup/tech companies, has become a polarizing topic for some. Anne Kreamer, author of the book It’s Always Personal: Emotions in the New Workplace, […]

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Agile Marketing Chat w/ Marti Konstant

Today I had the pleasure to meet and be interviewed by Marti Konstant (@martikonstant) for her agile marketing video series. It was a lot of fun and Marti did a fantastic job with the interview. We all get our 15 minutes, right?

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