Agile Marketing Thoughts

There has been a lot of discussion recently regarding agile marketing.
Basically you apply the concepts that have traditionally been for development to your projects and tasks. Rapid prototyping, testing and usage takes precedent over stale processes, spray & pray and stiff design. As an internal marketing department I can say that we have inherently worked in this manner due to limited resources and tight timelines with a lot of success. One benefit is the rapid, creative output and materials that you produce when completing campaigns and other things. We now have a pile of ideas and topics to choose from when creating our monthly projects. This extra material has helped us push things out quicker than in the past. For example, ‘gut check’ notes about what it takes for a recruiter to start up a business became a simple start up guide on our site. I feel applying the well defined ‘agile development’ methodology to marketing isn’t a huge stretch but I plan on writing more about the specifics and give real world examples of successes and failures in the future.

Herefish Colophon